HVAC-R Systems

It’s no secret that HVAC-R systems are your biggest energy consumers. 

Knowing how they are performing means the difference between big savings and tremendous cost. Clarity™ gives you the information and control for more efficient HVAC-R system operations.


Indoor Lighting

From timer controls, to daylight sensors, to occupancy sensors Clarity™ can make sure your indoor lighting is only working when it needs to.

A fully integrated Clarity™ system can help you decide how much light you need in a space and when you need it, making simple adjustments turn into real savings over time.


Smart Panel

It starts with good data. 

FSG’s smart panels are the single point of communication that bring your systems together. Whether it’s a completely new EMS or connecting to an existing one, FSG’s site level hardware lays the foundation for savings.


Humidity & Air Temperature Monitoring

Humidity and air temperature data can be the best defense you can have against costly HVAC-R breakdowns and repairs. 

Clarity™ can bring the data to life and provide a clear understanding of how well your equipment is performing.


Outdoor Lighting

Did you know your outdoor lighting can do more than just illuminate? 

With Clarity™ you can bring your outdoor lighting to life.  Integration into other systems in the Clarity™ ecosystem allows your outdoor lighting to respond to a burglar alarm or save your money by dimming to a lower intensity when no one is around.


Cold Storage Control

How well is your cold storage working for you?

Clarity™ can show you. With the ability to add analytics to your EMS system, FSG gives you the distinct advantage of being able to proactively avoid issues with your cold storage before they start.