National Drug Store Chain

National Drug Store Chain

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Through Clarity™, FSG was able to give complete visibility into this national drug store chain’s sustainability efforts


The energy manager of a national drugstore chain sought a sustainable, demand side-driven tool to reduce the company’s energy spend across its 8,000-plus locations. Working in conjunction with a mechanical engineer, the energy manager began to investigate the inherent possibilities of an enterprise energy management system (EMS). They devised a scope of work in which the enterprise EMS would not only monitor but also control any piece of equipment that had built-in intelligence—from lighting to irrigation, from HVAC to waste management.



Through Clarity®, FSG provides its customers real-time reports and estimates of energy and maintenance savings. FSG also regularly provides detailed savings reports prepared by in-house regression analysis experts. Clarity® has been implemented in nearly 4,000 of the national drugstore chain’s locations. 

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